Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa

Hi Readers, Welcome to the ! Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa, Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa is one of popular novels of Ahmed Sofa. The book was first published in 1994.  Ahmed Sofa has placed the supreme institution of Bangladesh, the Dhaka University, in a satiric milieu in the novel. Sofa ridiculed Bangladeshi society by making caricatures of the people of this highest education center. Ahmed Sofa was famous bengali writer, poet, translator and Intellectual. He was born 30 June 1943 in Gachbaria, Chittagong, Bangladesh and died on 28 July 2001, Dhaka. Ahmed Sofa helped establishing Bangladesh Lekhak Shibir (Bangladesh Writers’ Camp) in 1970. His first novel was Surjo Tumi Sathi which was published in 1967.  Popular books of Ahamed Sofa are Surjo Tumi Sathi, Ohongkar, Moron Bilash, Alatchokro, Gabhi Brittanto, Ordhek Nari Ordhek Iswari, Puspo Brikkha, Bihango Puran etc.   Download  Ahmed Sofa Bangla Books in pdf format and Read Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa.

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Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa

Gabhi Brittanto by Ahmed Sofa

  • Book Name: Gabhi Brittanto
  • Book Author: Ahmed Sofa
  • Book Category: Bangla Novel
  • Book Story: Not Available
  • Book Language: Bengali
  • Book Format: Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Book Total Pages: 35 Pages
  • Book Size: 1.5. Megabytes
  • Book Uploaded By: Unknown/Internet

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