How to Download PDF Files Using IDM Software

Are you looking for info about how to download PDF eBook files using IDM in Google Chrome? You are in the right place. Yes! In this article, I am going to tell you how a user can download any file from the Google Chrome by using the IDM. And, I am going to tell you all this step by step so that you can understand it clearly. So, read the article below to know details.

Why Should We Use the IDM to Download Files on Google Chrome?

The IDM is the software which supports downloading data from the Internet on popular Web browsers including Google Chrome. Now, the Google Chrome is evaluated to have the fastest download speed. And, since IDM supported downloading data from Chrome, downloading a large file is not a difficult problem as before by using the IDM. And, you will be able to download any file from Google Chrome browsers and others easily. However, the millions of peoples use this application to download files from the internet. And, it is well known for its awesome and very fast downloading Speed. Also, it is available for the Android operating system.

idm download

Now, IDM is a task management tool which allows an easy way to download multiple files at a time. Besides, it has the feature to protect your device from harmful malware and viruses. Moreover, it also has a special feature of increased download speeds up to five times faster than the ordinary download on any browser. So, you must download this tool to increase your downloading speed. And, you can Download latest IDM from this website easily and free.

What Are Main the Features of IDM?

The IDM or the Internet Download Manager is a very popular award winning downloader. And, it has become very popular and amazing for its awesome features. Now, the features of IDM are in the below.

IDM is a very useful application.
It supports resume and schedule downloads.
You can download anything easily through IDM with one click.
It has the features to increase the download speed of any file up to five times.
It can easily connect to the Internet at a set time and downloads the files.
It allows checking and updating for new versions of IDM app.
It supports 150+ Internet browsers.

How to Download Files Using IDM in Google Chrome?

Now, I am going to tell you how you can download any file from the Google Chrome using IDM. Just follow my instructions. At first, install the IDM and after installing it, open the utility by clicking on the icon of IDM on Desktop or search IDM on the Start Menu. Then From the toolbar of IDM, click Downloads —> Options to set up parameters.

Now, on the General tab, in the Capture downloads from the following browser part: there are a series of browsers from which IDM supports downloading. Click Google Chrome to download all data from this browser. At last, click Save to save settings. Now, if follow all steps above, you can download any data on the Google Chrome by using IDM easily.

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it is needless to say that the IDM is very useful and powerful downloader which can download any file faster than any other tool. So, you must download this tool from here. And, visit this site to get updates about how to download files using IDM in Google Chrome.