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Hello Dear Readers! Welcome to ! Anchhuye Prashn Hindi book wiki , Today I have come up with another book of Swami Vivekananda known as Swami Adgadanand. This book consists of teachings of Vivekananda. The book  is the Hindi translation of “Religion of Love”. The book consists of all the lectures of Swami Vivekananda that he has given in United States.You can also read Stalin Ek Jeevani, biography of Joseph Stalin. The book consists of 6 chapters. These chapters are – “The Preparatory Discipline, The First Step, The teachers of Bhakti, The need for symbols, The chosen ideal and Preparatory and supreme bhakti”. Moreover, PremYog is a very interesting  book to read. In addition, also learn about the thoughts of Vivekananda. One should read the book at once. For reading it, download from the download link given below. Anchhuye Prashn Hindi Book PDF Wiki By Swami Adgadanand  is a book which raises various types of questions such as what was the history of Lord Rama, why Lord Ram sent Lordess Sita to Forest even after taking “Agni Parisksha” are raised. In Anchhuye Prashn Hindi Book, Swami Adgadanand has put forward various questions which I think personally not even came in anyone’s mind till reading Anchhuye Prashn book. Swami Adgadanand has raised question over the rule of Lord Rama. It is said that Lord Ram ruled Ayodhya for 11000 years, but if we go to the facts and also as per Valmiki Ramayana, only we get the history of Lord Rama’s rule for 52 years. He got married at the age of 27, then sent to forest for 14 years , that means when he came back he was 41 years old. Then after coming back to Ayodhya, rumors started to float in his kingdom about Lordess  Sita, so he sent her to forest then their she gave birth to Luv and Kush who were 11 years old when they came back to Ayodhya. Everywhere we get the history of only 52 years of Lord Rama’s life what about the saying then that he ruled for 11000 years.

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Anchhuye Prashn Hindi Book

Anchhuye Prashn Hindi Book

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